The art of Thailand

Garuda statue

I took a visit to the National Museum of Thailand in Bangkok last week, on the way there I met two Swedish guys who decided to tag allow and follow me there. When we were looking around the galleries one of the guys asked if I knew much about this kind of art, and it occurred to me that despite having a pretty decent knowledge of art history from the ancient Greeks and Romans through to the modern and contemporary art of today, that I actually didn’t really know much at all about the art that I was seeing. It’s something that sadly seems to slip western education at least certainty from my own experience.



Australia – Colours of the city

I lived in various cities when I was in Australia including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, each had there own merits but it was the colourful art scene of Melbourne that I loved most.

Australian East coast

Here are some shots during my time traveling through Australia, these photos were taken during my time camping in Tabulam NSW, and while traveling along the East Coast.


DSC02079 copy

So it’s been a good while since my last post and that’s mostly been due to the fact that I’ve been traveling throughout Australia and Thailand mostly without internet, sometimes in a tent, sometimes in a car, but mostly in a hostel meeting lots of really great people, and working some not so great but altogether humbling jobs.

During my time in Australia I’ve;

  • Stayed and worked on the farm of a distant relative of mine
  • Been falsley suspected of stalking the Dali Lama by the Brisbane Police Department
  • Lived beside the Clarence River in a tent for 2 months
  • Saw ‘heaps’ of Kangaroos and Wallabys in the outback roads
  • Accidently ran over one of the said Wallabys (it survived)
  • Met lot’s of really great people from all over the world
  • Bought and sold my first car (Fold Falcoln 2003 best ever)
  • Had probably more sunshine than I’ve ever seen in the last 23 years of my life.




The wonderful thing about travel is you experience a whole new range of colours, smells, sounds, sights and cultures, it often puts you in a place where you can understand where you come by experiencing the place that someone else came from.


I spent about 4 days in Dubai as an interval on the way to Australia, managed to get some nice shots of the constantly growing cities Infrastructure in contrast with the more traditional styled Arab architecture. This was also done on my new Sony RX 100 II camera, it’s basically replaced my DSLR and is great for some travel photography.

Leaving Ireland

Heading for Dubai at Dublin airport

Heading for Dubai at Dublin


It was around this time last year that I left my job due to a redundancy as a 3D Graphic artist, a lot can happen over the space of a year. It gave me time to think, to re-assess the options of an otherwise unplanned life. Most  importantly for me it gave me time to consider my values, and ask the question as to how I would like to live. In part I’ve actively tried to partake in a kind of digital sabbatical, to purposely remove myself from a consistently plugged in world, to travel and explore new ideas, places and experiences and so I should state here that  I’ll be traveling to Australia via Dubai, and from there I’m not sure yet. But sure we’ll see.

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